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US Immigration law is a very complex area of law. Even the slightest mistake in an immigration case can have a devastating impact upon an immigration client.

The immigration attorney you choose to help you in Virginia must have a thorough understanding of immigration law. The SRIS Law Group immigration attorneys in Virginia are very experienced immigration attorneys.

Immigration means an act of living permanently in a foreign country. Every country has its laws. Not every country allows other people to live in their country as a permanent resident. If you are in the US, then the immigration laws apply state by state. For example, if you are a resident of another state and want to move to Virginia, you need to know the immigrant laws. If you marry someone who is from another country or state and you want to move them to Virginia, you will need some immigration paperwork. No matter what kind of immigration you want, you need to take help from a reliable immigration attorney.

Immigration in Virginia

The immigrant community in Virginia is very large. Every one in six workers is an immigrant, and every one in eight residents in Virginia is an immigrant. It is how Virginia benefits from the participants from other states and countries. With so many immigrants the state also has laws, rules, and regulations for immigration. The state has immigration laws for residents, students, workers, tourists, etc. No matter what type of immigration you need, you need to apply the law.

If you are a student and you want to come to Virginia to study in the university, you need to apply according to the immigration laws. If you are a resident of Virginia, but you marry form another state, then also you need to follow the immigration rules to bring your spouse in Virginia. It is why you should hire a reliable attorney.

Why hire an immigration lawyer?

You should know that the laws of immigration in any State of the US are very complex. The immigration law in Virginia is even more complex than other states. You will never understand it yourself. It is why you should always look for legal help. There are so many immigration cases which you cannot handle yourself. For example, what will you do if you are on a tourist visa and you need to convert it to student visa? If you are a US citizen and want to bring your fiancé in the USA, what will you do? What papers do you need? What process should you use to make her a permanent resident of the US? If you are married to a US citizen who lives in Virginia, how can you get a green card? All these and a hundred more issues and questions arise. All of these are related to immigration laws. Make sure to know the answer to all these questions and solving the problems you take legal help. Legal help will always come in the form of an expert immigration attorney in Virginia.

If you are in Virginia, then you should always hire a reputable attorney in Virginia. The immigration attorney is the person who knows the immigration laws. He will help you out in every way possible. Hiring an expert lawyer is also a good idea. Lawyers will smoothly get you through the immigration process.


  • 8 CFR § 240.68 Failure to appear at an interview before an asylum officer or failure to follow requirements for fingerprinting

(a)    Failure to appear for a scheduled interview without prior authorization may result in dismissal of the application or waiver of the right to an adjudication by an asylum officer. A written request to reschedule will be granted if it is an initial request and is received by the Asylum Office at least 2 days before the scheduled interview date. All other requests to reschedule the interview, including those submitted after the interview date, will be granted only if the applicant has a reasonable excuse for not appearing, and the excuse was received by the Asylum Office in writing within a reasonable time after the scheduled interview date.

(b)    Failure to comply with fingerprint processing requirements without reasonable excuse may result in dismissal of the application or waiver of the right to an adjudication by an asylum officer.

(c)    Failure to appear shall be excused if the notice of the interview or fingerprint appointment was not mailed to the applicant’s current address and such address had been provided to the Office of International Affairs by the applicant prior to the date of mailing in accordance with section 265 of the Act and Service regulations, unless the asylum officer determines that the applicant received reasonable notice of the interview or fingerprinting appointment.

  • 8 CFR  § 240.69 Reliance on information compiled by other sources

In determining whether an applicant is eligible for suspension of deportation or special rule cancellation of removal, the asylum officer may rely on material described in § 208.12 of this chapter. Nothing in this subpart shall be construed to entitle the applicant to conduct discovery directed toward records, officers, agents, or employees of the Service, the Department of Justice, or the Department of State.